Julden Designs specializes in quality custom decals, rhinestone shirts, drawstring cinch bags, t-shirts, and sweat shirts. This means we can take your organization’s logo, tagline, or other brand items and turn them 
into decorative products for your entire community to enjoy.

Cash-back Fundraisers are an easy and effective way to raise money for your group while providing your members with one-of-a-kind, custom apparel and decal products. Below are our current fundraisers.

The best part is that you make money and it’s risk free—truly a win-win scenario!

Benefits of our fundraising program:
-     No financial investment
-     Each purchase instantly guarantees a profit for your organization
-     Numerous customized products

What makes our fundraising program different:
-     Customized products you can’t find in a department store
-     Flexibility in catering your fundraiser to your members
-     Products your organization’s members will actually want!

Reasons Why You Should Choose This Fundraiser

There’s no risk.

When you hear someone say “no risk” you may automatically assume there’s a catch, since it seems there’s always risk involved in any business venture or partnership. But when we say no risk, we mean it!

Worst case scenario, no products are sold. You have no left over inventory or supplies, no sunken costs, and you’re left unaffected right where you started. For every $500 you sell, you’ve added a $100 to your organization. We give back 20% to your organization.  It’s the best kind of gamble. You can only win!

It’s easy.


We can host all the purchases for the fundraiser on our website or your organization can take orders and payments and then we drop off your items at your location.

We are truly excited to have this opportunity to work with your organization. We value you as a customer and appreciate your suggestions and feedback. Feel free to contact us with questions or comments.

Email us at juldendesignsfund@gmail.com

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